Different Types of Clear Braces Options for You in the UK

Different Types of Clear Braces Options for You in the UK

When you suffer from orthodontic issue and needs braces whether fixed or removable is the only option to take them into account. Over time they will provide you lost beautiful and straight smile to flaunt.

Based on the issues, there are different kinds of aligners which will shift the position of the teeth gradually. This blog compiles 9 such options for you to choose from and embark your teeth straightening journey.

Here are 9 kinds of Clear Braces Cost London you can choose from for your teeth straightening treatment:

New Smile

If you want teeth straightening treatment at home then New Smile is a good choice. The aligner makes use of high-quality material but the cost is relatively low. Not the straight-cut aligner, these aligners are more like of a shape of scallop. These are less likely to visible, comfortable and don’t irritate the gums.

Why you need to consider it?

The easy process of New Smile gives effective, convenient and easy process. The visible results boost the confidence level of the patients. Even with this procedure the dentist is ready to clear your concerns providing necessary guidance. Apart from reasonable cost of the aligner you can get feasible payment plan for the treatment as well.

Smile White

Smile White straightens the teeth within 2-7 months. The effectiveness is visible fast in this option if compared to other available in the UK. Search with ‘clear fixed braces near me’ to find a clinic where you can undergo this treatment. It delivers specific results and straightens both lower and upper teeth. The use of high-grade plastic similar to Invisalign makes it a great alternative. Moreover, the affordability can make your dream of beautiful and straight smile true.

Why you need to consider it?

This option provides high standard treatment at affordable costs. It comes at £395 that covers two retainers, free whitening kit, extra refinements and 3 dental visits.  The fast delivery and uninterrupted support for the patient makes it a favourable option.

Smile Direct Club

You can start teeth straightening journey with SDC in 2 ways. They will help you to seek access of most clear braces brands available in the UK. Visit any Smile Shop to scan the teeth at free of cost. The trained specialists will incorporate in determining if you are eligible for at-home straightening treatment. Even they will send the impression for dental assessment. Otherwise, you can order teeth impression kit to straighten the teeth. The professional dental team will evaluate the scan, develop customised treatment and offer the tailor-made aligner for your conditions.

Why you need to consider it?

Nowadays, most patients opt for this option as it provides efficient and quick treatment. Furthermore, the aligner causes slight to no discomfort at all. With the help of knowledgeable and professional staff, you can set realistic expectation from the treatment. They will keep you updated about the progress of the treatment at the same time.


Invisalign is the new jargon for orthodontic cases. It addresses most dental conditions starting from bite problems to teeth misalignment. On visiting the dentist, they will determine whether you are suitable for the treatment. Accordingly, they will do the dental work and monitor the progress once in every 4-6 weeks. Most Cheap orthodontists London and dentists offer Invisalign treatment so you can get it easily. However, consult with the dentist to know if you are a good candidate for this.

Why you need to consider it?

Invisalign is highly convenient because of easy cleaning and removable feature. The clear aligner is quite comfortable and maintains discretion without almost any affect on the daily activities and speech. Invisalign works effectively on misaligned teeth addressing dental issues like overbite and crooked teeth.

Straight Teeth Direct

It gives the flexibility for selecting the most feasible payment option to bear the expense of the treatment. Along with paying upfront, you can go with flexible finance options to spread the total cost into easy monthly instalments. The payment plans feature low interest rate and needs no deposit. By this way you can straighten your teeth at unbeatable costs.

Why you need to consider it?

They are popular for undisputed transparency with clarity on the breakdown of costs. Moreover, you can get associated treatments including teeth whitening, retainers and aftercare for extended guarantee. The personalised support, competitive pricing and efficient treatment offer a satisfied straight smile to the patients.

Dr. Smile

This option is perfect to address most complex conditions of teeth misalignment at a much low cost. You can search with ‘affordable clear braces London to find a clinic for the treatment. In case, you are not happy with the result then the cost of additional aligner will be made by the clinic.

Why you need to consider it?

This option straightens the teeth effectively. You can get visible and fast improvement of the teeth position using this option. Besides convenient treatment procedure, this treatment process comes with dental support and assistance in every necessary step. Clear Quartz is a high-quality material used for making this clear aligner. That’s why the aligner is comfortable, discreet, low maintenance and easy for your use


Virtuoso is known for offering convenient and comprehensive treatment with a combination of remote options and in-office care. Before the treatment, you need to book a consultation appointment with the Virtuoso provider. Your eligibility will be evaluated based on the dental assessment. Then the provider will make the custom treatment plan. Accordingly, they will make schedule for both online check-ins and dental visits.

Why you need to consider it?

Depending on the severity of the condition, this option will offer tailor-made treatments. So, you may need few or more dental visits. The treatment process involves digital teeth scanning, at-clinic visits, retainer sets and refinement aligners to hold on the new position of the teeth. The kit comes with a dental scope for monitoring the3 progress of the treatment by the dentist from the comfort of your home.

Clear Correct

This is an efficient and reliable method for straightening your teeth. Clear Correct takes various misalignment issues into account including severe conditions. With this, you have to go for regular dental check up. Once the orthodontist places the aligners on the teeth you need to adjust and replace it as per requirement. If you want inexpensive and professional teeth straightening treatment then it can be your ideal choice. Usually, it will cost anywhere between £1,800 and £3,000.  

Diamond Whites

Acronym as DW, Diamond Whites provide both night and day treatment. This at-home aligner can fix mild to moderate cases of crooked teeth. You can start your teeth straightening journey in 2 ways with this aligner. Firstly order the impression kits or visit the popup location anywhere in the country to get the aligner. The treatment will incur £1,990 excluding the cost of retainer that charges £200 each set.

How you can select the most ideal invisible aligner in the UK

If you feel that there is a need of teeth whitening treatment then it is always better to consult with the dentist. They can determine if you need any orthodontic correction or not. However, when it comes to choose a dentist and a clinic for the treatment certain factors are there for consideration such as customer experience, treatment quality, brand reputation, experience of the dentist and support. Even finance and payment option plays a crucial role to select a practice for the treatment.

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Considering all the aspects and the number of options available, Invisalign is so far good and viable option for the patients with orthodontic problems. Chatfield Dental Braces, invisalign London can be your perfect companion to obtain the treatment at affordable costs. Also, consult with the orthodontist to know the finance options to afford the treatment costs with easy payments. 

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